custom illustrations, by sonya s. sinha

original characters : ILLUSTRATIONS

"Clara's New Bow"                           "Vaudeville Worm does dinner... 
homage to silent film-star Clara Bow                             ...and a Show?!"

"Slightly Over-baked Fruitcakes"
exhibited at The Norwalk Museum, SoNo CT 2010-11

"Heyyyy Diddle Diddle, The Cat & the Fiddle, The Cow Jumped Over the Moon"

"Jungle Love" wallpaper and textile design

Excerpt from "Now That's a Big Banana!"

"The GLAM Reaper" detail              "Aquatica Sea Turtle"
               "It's Raining Flamingos SSS"      "Tigger and Sushi do LUNCH!" 

"J-Bird in Tree, Raining"

Icon of Peru~Serpent-Jaguar-Bird   "April Showers... bring May Flowers!"
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