custom illustrations, by sonya s. sinha

custom-made : FOR CLIENTS

"Desai in the Sky" Zipline fun in Costa Rica!           "Manchester U.K. Fish-Ball Club"
"SnapShot Vacation Illustration" Desai Family, NC         custom commission for Norcross Family, WI

         "Vinnie the One-Eyed Wonder Yak"         "Mi Amor! Mi Amor!" in the Amazon Jungle
illustrations for book by Andrew Turner, NYC   commission for private art collection, MA

"The Oo Family Vacation on a Tiny Thailand Island" 
 commission for JANE'S KITCHEN Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Smoothies, Breakfast, Salads, Pastas & Dessert!"
 Story-book Menu for JANE'S KITCHEN Chiang Mai, Thailand
Logo Design & Illustration                                  "Save the Date!" Announcements
for Calcutta Kitchens, Inc., Norwalk, CT                       commission for private wedding, NYC

 "Katie's Magnolia", for Catherine Marsallo-Young, NY                        

      Custom Poster Artwork, for COMIC STRIP LIVE, NYC, NY

 "Ihab's 3 Black Cats' 3 1/3 Birthday!"             "Mama Squidopus & Hatchlings"   custom illustration for cat lover private client

"Rock-a-bye Baby Justinas"            custom illustration for new-born baby's nursery, NYC 
 "Shine On, Sweet Charlotte!"                    "H2O" Logo Design 
  custom commission for new-born baby's nursery, NC          custom made for beach cottage, Cape Cod

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